• Semnan Building
  • Kermanshah City center Complex
  • Talash High School
  • Haaji Mohamadali Javaheri
  • Friendship House
  • Gheytarieh Building
  • Qazi-Abad Park Restaurant complex
  • Lavasan Sport Complex
  • Baniber Office
  • Kavosh Co.
  • Poloride Office
  • Gumbi Fast Food
  • Faraz Building
  • Fardad Co.
  • Nula Lounge,caffe and Restaurant
  • Speedometer  VIP-showroom
  • Plano Office
  • Farab Co.

About pvada

Awards & Achievments

Published Works

Function of cable structures to improve performance space in contemporary architecture.
(Dec 1, 2016) (second international congress on sustainable architecture and urbanism)

Comparative comparison of amount of cultural and climate impacts on the architecture of median and achaemenian tombs.
(Jul 1, 2016) (3rd international conference on modern research in civil engineering, architecture and urban development)

The impact of constructivism painting effects on architecture.
(Jul 1, 2016) (4th international conference of research on science and technology)

Board of Driectors

Corporate Governance

Pvada pjs co is guided by the company's corporate values and culture, moral principles, concepts of effective governance and the principles of ethics in business.

Accountability, responsibility, openness and transparency, and equality are the four principles comprising pvada's corporate governance. In parallel with international business standards, these principles safeguard the trust between stakeholders and institutions and undoubtedly amplify the company's productivity and success.

pvada realizes that “right” corporate governance is quintessential to keeping the promises made to the company's stakeholders, especially to investors in order to maintain trust and stability.

The company not only capitalizes on its financial results and sound financial structures to achieve profitability targets but also manages its “corporate reputation,” an important asset cultivated over many years.

pvada Trade Registry Information:

Company Name

: pvada

Type of Company

: pjs (Private Joint Stock Company)

Founded Date

: 2012.12.15

Legal and Registered Address

: 3 Tabandeh Alley, Saeedi St. Lavasani Blvd. Tehran 1954964411, IRAN

Trade Registry Number

: 431915

Trade National ID

: 10320836756

Corporate Presentation

If you will collect 2019 corporate report of pvada pjs co, please contact with pvada international relation division by using our contact pages of this website or info [at]

Fact Sheet

If you will collect 2019 factsheet of pvada pjs co, please contact with pvada international relation division by using our contact pages of this website or info[at]



pvada is an architectural practice based in Iran working with design, construction and planning within all fields of architecture, all rooted in sustainability and founded in 2012. The following section outlines the pvada in further detail.


: 2012, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran


: Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Core Business

: Architecture and planning

Total Number of Employees

: + 184 (Male Employees : +142 / 70.2% & Female Employees : +42 / 22.8% & Average of Age : 27.7)


Pvada is established in Tehran, Iran
Launch of the new vision.

Pvada moved to its new headquarters on Thursday, November 24th, 2016
R&D Centre is founded.

In December 17th, 2018 the major shares of company acquired by new shareholders to facilitate rapid growth and development and build an institutional structure.
pvada celebrates its 7th anniversary, moved to its new headquarter in Farmanieh on Friday, December 22, 2019 and continues its activities at this prestigious location. (About Farmanieh)


Warehouse, logistics and laboratory facilities

The pvada pjs was one of the first companies, where the Company’s in-house team of consultants and engineers have built following centers with a total built up area of approx. 102,050 Square feet:

  • Materials warehouses
  • Tools warehouse
  • Logistics office
  • Service and repair office
  • Materials’ laboratory

As Tehran is one of the 10 largest cities in the world and due to the concentration of over 10 million residents in a city without a large effective public transportation network and also due to the any movement in Tehran should be planed base on Traffic zones, we arrange our warehouse to our very-popular Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf) Expressway in the out of the traffic zones in south to have easily connection to the:

  • Tehran materials and tools markets including factories, bazaars, installations and service companies,
  • Transports companies,
  • New Tehran international fair (Biggest fair center of Iran),
  • Imam Khomeini international airport (IKEA- Biggest Airport in Iran),
  • A big station of metro (Main line of metro from north to the south of Tehran),
  • South Park-Drive Terminal (Biggest Iran’s terminal).


pvada modern logistics Centre is supported by a fleet of over 15 professional trucks, vans and towers, plus a team of over 30 qualified personnel handling projects activities.

International Alliances



Schneider Electric

Tp Electric



Catra Lighting







Cesar Group

Neff gmbH




Peyman Aluminum

Toto Ltd.





Verox Floor




MD`s Message


Organization Chart


pvada Worldwide

Range of Service


Civic and Governments
Science and Technology
Work Place


Research, Analysis and Programming
Building Enclosure Consulting
Interior Design
Environment and Landscape
Industrial Design
Furniture and Product Design
Project Management and Supervision
Structural Design
Electrical & Mechanical Design & Installations
Branding and Graphic Design

Strategic Principles

Focus on those projects where we can create a differential competitive advantage,

Grow in sectors where we can leverage our strong brands and technological competence,

Derive maximum benefits from economies of scale by being the market leader or a close second in every sector we operate,

Achieve the optimum portfolio diversification, where we can balance out and minimize sector and geography-specific risks,

Use early warning indicators and our unmatched customer database to proactively manage risks and make the best use of potential opportunities.



Golzar Heidari
Alireza Zare
Mahdis Khoshkhoo
Daryoush Shirazi
Yasaman Khalili
Arghavan Amani


Maryam Mohebi
Ramyar Khosravi
Hossein Shabani
Seyyed Pooya Aghili Yegane
Alireza Eftekhari
Alan Abrishami
Seyyed Parsa Aghili Yegane
Peyman Afshar
Aliakbar Akbari
Sajjad Alizadeh
Farbod Arbabzadeh
Vadood Asdollah Vash
Saeedeh Chaharbaghi
Kourosh Dor Dahan
Pantea Farsiani
Fatemeh Ghamilooyi
Naghmeh Joodi
Arshia Katebian
Sara Kazemi Shirazi
Dorsa Kharaghani
Zhila Mohammadi
Vahid Najafi
Iman Nasiri
Sahel Neyestani
Arsalan Rokhnejad
Sogand Samiee
Nazanin Shakhouri
Nazanin Yaghoubian


Saber Madanipour
Mostafa Askari
Yousef Khalafi

Vision & Values

Pvada seeks to be recognized as a well-respected architectural firm that delivers top-notch design to her clients.

In a window of 5 years:

To become one of the top five construction companies in Iran.
To become one of the most well-known architectural brands in middle-east.

In a window of 10 years:

To become a global and international brand in the world of architecture.

We are committed to create regenerative designs which would heal their environments and enhance the quality of life.

Each of our projects represent our commitment not only to the clients, but also elevating the state of the art design and improving society for future generations.

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