• Semnan Building
  • Kermanshah City center Complex
  • Talash High School
  • Haaji Mohamadali Javaheri
  • Friendship House
  • Gheytarieh Building
  • Qazi-Abad Park Restaurant complex
  • Lavasan Sport Complex
  • Baniber Office
  • Kavosh Co.
  • Poloride Office
  • Gumbi Fast Food
  • Faraz Building
  • Fardad Co.
  • Nula Lounge,caffe and Restaurant
  • Speedometer  VIP-showroom
  • Plano Office
  • Farab Co.
location Hafte-Tir, Tehran, Iran
area 200m2
type/project interior-design
date 2017
client Mr. Jamshidi
status Finished
The goal was to design an optimized space, hence taking advantage of maximum office area. we decided to divide that area, to stretched spaces using opaque glasses. Generally light colored material and glass makes the entire area to look bigger and more open. Another way to optimize the space, is to design every single furniture to be placed correctly and accordingly. Also by creating rest areas like play rooms, we prevented the office to be a boring and repetitive one.