• Semnan Building
  • Kermanshah City center Complex
  • Talash High School
  • Haaji Mohamadali Javaheri
  • Friendship House
  • Gheytarieh Building
  • Qazi-Abad Park Restaurant complex
  • Lavasan Sport Complex
  • Baniber Office
  • Kavosh Co.
  • Poloride Office
  • Gumbi Fast Food
  • Faraz Building
  • Fardad Co.
  • Nula Lounge,caffe and Restaurant
  • Speedometer  VIP-showroom
  • Plano Office
  • Farab Co.

Friendship House architecture

2016 - tbc
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location Motahhari St, Tehran, Iran
area 4700m2
type/project architecture
date 2016 - tbc
client Mr. S.Momenin
status Under construction
The most important aspect in designing this building was the balconies, in a sense that the inside and the outside to be unified and the seclusion caused by modern urbanization to decrease.