• Semnan Building
  • Kermanshah City center Complex
  • Talash High School
  • Haaji Mohamadali Javaheri
  • Friendship House
  • Gheytarieh Building
  • Qazi-Abad Park Restaurant complex
  • Lavasan Sport Complex
  • Baniber Office
  • Kavosh Co.
  • Poloride Office
  • Gumbi Fast Food
  • Faraz Building
  • Fardad Co.
  • Nula Lounge,caffe and Restaurant
  • Speedometer  VIP-showroom
  • Plano Office
  • Farab Co.

Talash High School architecture

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location Marzdaran, Tehran, Iran
area 1720m2
type/project architecture
date 2017-2018
client Mr. Asgari
status Under Construction
In this project, we tried to create as much vibrant and colorful spaces as possible in an attempt to avoid monotonous and repetitive atmospheres, therefor a great deal of attention was paid to lights and colors. To get the correct response, each space is associated with specific colors. For instance green is used for entrance area, yellow for corridors and blue for classrooms. Also the lights are designed and modified according to function. Combining them with live colors creates a dynamic and eye-catching atmosphere.